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Know Your Bottom Line

What if you didn't have to think about your finances? What if someone else dealt the those piles of paper you have lying everywhere? What if you had the information do you need when you need it? What if you could identify and solve both the challenges of making money and managing money? Imagine how successful you would be.

With Hourglass Resources, you get the results of a big accounting firm with the personal attention of a one-to-one relationship. 

First and foremost, your books will be impeccable. And those piles of paper will be turned it into a proper set of books with A/R, A/P, Payroll, HST, and Year End Prep. Secondly, I will make sure all the compliance requirements are fulfilled.

Business Bookkeeper in Iroquois

You work too hard to lose money paying interest, penalties and fines. Thirdly, I will be your resource for finding the right people, products and services that you need to get the job done. I want to do my best for my clients. And my best goes above and beyond "bean counting" I want to empower my clients. I want to give them the best chance they have at being financially independent.

What empowers my clients about their finances is providing them with meaningful reports. I highly recommend the standard set of Profit and Loss reports (Financial Report) to all my bookkeeping clients. But if you need more information, I can provide Strategic Reports and Fitness Reports to suit your budget and your needs. Up-to-date records give the insight needed to improve cash flow and profitability. Our new Value Pricing prevents any surprise invoices. Check it out!

Hourglass Resources offers bookkeeping services and manage finance for small business owners in Iroquois and across Dundas, Grenville and Stormont Counties.

We offer the following Bookkeeping and Reporting services:

  • Ongoing Bookkeeping
  • Start-up Businesses
  • Rescue Jobs
  • Reporting Services
  • QuickBooks Training
  • QuickBooks Training in Iroquois ON
  • Business Coaching  in Iroquois ON
  • Income Tax Services in Iroquois
  • Business Bookkeeper in Iroquois

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As an Intuit Certified ProAdvisor, I use and recommend QuickBooks. (There's nothing "simple" about Simply Accounting). New in the past two years, QuickBooks Online provides portability for your books. I provide current software and innovative techniques to stay in touch with you and for you to stay in touch with your clients, too. Hourglass Resources is your source for general ledgers to income tax preparation. 

"Any monkey can be trained to use QuickBooks; but Samantha has ideas and that's what we need."  Paul Webb, Iroquois Marine Services, Iroquois

Consult Hourglass Resources for bookkeeping services in Iroquois and across Dundas, Grenville and Stormont Counties.