Income Tax Services

Keep your money where it belongs: in your pocket!

Personal, Business & Rental Income Tax Returns

Most income tax returns are ready for signing within 2 business days. With Efile, you can have your refund directly deposited wihin 14 days.

I accurately prepare your return and explain it to you. I make sure to claim all the deductions, credits and benefits to which you are entitled. I remit your income taxes in a timely manner; saving you late fees, penalties and interest.

For late filers, I bring your taxes up-to-date saving you additional interest. In some cases, I can make a Voluntary Disclosure that may waive any penalties on your account. Keep in mind, if you are expecting a refund, there are no interest nor penatlies on that tax year. So you may be missing out on refunds, GST rebates and Trillium benefits by not filing on time.

I handle ALL CRA formal audits and requests. I talk to them for you. I provide the papers they want, usually without you ever having to lift a finger. And it's free of charge. Year-round support is included in all income tax packages.  

Hourglass Resources handles personal tax returns, CRA audits and requests and other tax services for business owners and individuals in Iroquois and across Dundas, Grenville and Stormont Counties.

Most refunds within 14 days!

Included at no extra charge:

  • Year-Round access to tax professional
  • Meet face-to-face to have your return completed
  • Drop off slips 24-hr in the locked dropbox
  • Pick up returns after hours or Saturdays
  • Email support
  • Audit Assistance - We will assist you if you are ever audited
  • Thank you gift - a pen and folder
  • Income Tax Services in Iroquois
  • Bookkeeper in Iroquois
  • Income Tax Services in Iroquois

Consult Hourglass Resources for income tax services in Iroquois and across Dundas, Grenville and Stormont Counties.